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THE VIEWS at Thirsk Races
There is a good view of the whole course from the grandstands in all enclosures, almost entirely against a lovely scenic background of open countryside.

The stands in the Club Members' Enclosure are close to the finishing line.

All enclosures have covered stands for watching the racing and there are ample bars, catering and betting facilities.

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Racing Article
Probability Equals Horse Racing Betting Profit or Loss and a Way to Find Good Bets By Bill Peterson

What is the secret of making money betting on horse races? Like any other investment, it is the probability of a positive outcome. The probability of a horse winning a race and making a profit can be described as risk versus rewards. With any financial investment, the amount of risk should be weighed against the reward.

In plain English, if a horse will win often enough at the current odds to regain all money wagered along with a profit, then it is a positive bet. So as a handicapper you are really shopping for a good deal.

That is the secret of making money at the horse races. It really is no secret, though how you can actually manage to reliably place a fair odds figure on each runner may seem incredibly difficult or even obscure.

It starts with realizing that all races are not the same. The age of the horses, investment of the owner, quality of the stock, all play a part in determining how difficult it is to figure out what they're worth.    Read more...

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